I cry for the many who never got their fair fight.
Their unjust murders keep me up at night.
I want to be angry, but what can I do?
Righteousness has come for none but a few.

I think negative thoughts of possible revenge.
Hate fills my blood.
Rage sets in.
Tears down my cheek as anxiety taunts.
Then I think that’s not want they would want.

My black soul is their black souls.
My tribe of the lost.
My black soul is their black souls.
A tribe that continually pays the cost.

My black soul is there,
I will remember it within.
Your pain will not be forgotten;
it’s written in my skin.
My DNA cannot be replaced;
it’s in a fragile state of recognition.

My black soul is here.
I will honor it with love;


  1. Brie

    This spoken so deeply to me. I am definitely posting this up. Thank you for your words. We will never forget be erased! PERIODT!

    1. angelonfire

      Thank you for reading. this poem helps me when I get upset about all that is going on in the world. I recite it over and over and it makes me feel better. I kept it safe for myself and now I’m happy it is touching someone else. God bless.

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